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Hello friends, followers, and random people who have came to check out my fabulous blog of everything Homestuck (Plus the occasional Dangan Rompa, Disney, Pokemon, and other stuff that I see on my dash) I am Gcat! I am a Seer of motherfuckin' void, Dreamer of Derse, and that one person who is a little too much in love with the pairing Gamkar (Seriously, I ship them in every god damn quadrant)! I won't share anything about me or anything unless you actually ask or something so there's that. Also go on and tell me things to tag, things I forget to credit, and all that jazz. Don't forget to consider joining my pixel family~ I am always accepting requests on those, just as long as you are following me <3 Lastly, I go by Lucky or Enchan (Enchanted)

#0036! I have o idea what ind of expression shes giving, maybe laughing at something :P

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